Refunds are available for unused service periods. The refund policies of the BlueVPS and the partners of the company submit to the following rules, terms, and conditions:

  1. Refunds cannot be issued if a user has violated any terms and conditions of usage of the service or user agreements.
  2. The refund for the Dedicated Server is available only in case of BlueVPS or its partners breaking or violating the terms, conditions, and user agreements. In this case, a refund request must be considered separately by a responsible support manager. 
  3. The company grants the 7-days trial period that implies full refunds for the services (except the services indicated before and installation fees) within 30 calendar days after a user has been signed up for the service. To request a full refund, a user must contact the Sales Department of BlueVPS through the ticket system.
  4. The additional fees taken for assistance with the installation of the service are non-refundable.
  5. All purchases made using any type of cryptocurrency are non-refundable. 
  6. The company calculates the refund requests submitted after a 7-days trial period expires according to the remaining unused terms of service. 
  7. BlueVPS issues refunds using the following payment methods:
  • PayPal;
  • Debit/Credit cards;
  • Webmoney.

Note that a company does not bear responsibility for the possible transfer fees within the indicated money transfer services. 

When a user places an order for any of the services represented and offered by BlueVPS or its partners, they accept these refund policies automatically. Please, feel free to contact our Support department if you have questions concerning refunds.


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